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How to encourage children to live sustainably...

Our children are the future and they will unfortunately face the effects of the climate crisis head on. The mistakes of our generation and the generations before us will directly impact their future.

What we are teaching them today will affect their day-to-day life choices and eco friendly habits. Teaching them how to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle will teach them to take responsibility for their actions and help to maintain a healthier planet.

There are many ways you can encourage and lead by example...

Spend more time outside together

The majority of climate crisis campaigners and people in the environmental sector had childhoods centred around wildlife. It helps children to respect the environment around them and to become connected to wildlife.

Go for walks, play in the garden or any green space you have close by. Talk to them about ecosystems, let them touch plants, leaves, soil and trees. Make it fun, make it cool to love bugs and dirt!

Grow some vegetables

Start a small veg patch in your garden. Plant some pots on a balcony or windowsill, you don’t need much space.

This will show your children that it isn’t necessary to have their fruit and veg wrapped in plastic and useless packaging. They can see where their food comes from, soil to plate and enjoy watching it grow!

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Children learn by watching how you behave. Refuse that single use plastic bag or coffee cup, bring your own reusable one with you and lead by example.

Reduce the amount of plastic packaging you have by shopping locally. Use your local zero waste delivery service, greengrocer and butcher. Bring your own containers and produce bags with you!

Reuse glass jars and refill them with your dry pantry goods, up cycle furniture, mend your clothes or buy them secondhand you do not need to buy everything new. This will show your children that they do not need to consume so much to live a happy life.

Recycle ♻️ yes recycling has many issues but it is better than nothing! Pop those cans, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes into the recycling. Get them into the habit, make it the norm.

Litter pick

Take your children out to litter pick. Pop on some gloves and grab a litter picker and focus on the area you live in. Show them that it is up to everyone to preserve and protect our environment. They will see the impact littering has and be less likely to practise it.

Stick them in front of good TV

Pop a David Attenborough documentary on. Let them see the world, different cultures and wildlife. They need to see what beauty is out there and what needs protecting.

Our children will be the next teachers, doctors, scientists, politicians, conservationists and parents! Whatever they choose to do or how they decide to live in the future let’s hope they make wiser and greener choices than we have done!

Lauren. The Green Pantry

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